What a pleasure it was to have Tara guide me through the exciting process of carrying my child!  She was by my side every step of the way providing helpful information and loving support.  She helped me make informed decisions about every facet of my pregnancy.  She was never pushy or overly opinionated.  On the contrary, she explained my choices and let them be that - my choices.  She was incredibly supportive during my birth.  She gave my husband and I the space we desired to enjoy the miracle that was in our midst, but she was right there the whole time making sure that all went smoothly.  She has the passion of a first year midwife paired with the knowledge and composure of a 30 year veteran.  There is absolutely no question that we will use her enthusiastically (if we ever have another accident baby) and tell every pregnant family about her.  There are not enough words to tell you how much we enjoyed our experience.  Thank you, Tara!

Nick and Bethany

Tara Dettra was my midwife for my third pregnancy and home birth.  I already knew Tara before becoming pregnant and knew that she would be great at the job. Being a mother herself, she is very understanding of the struggles of pregnancy and birth. I felt completely comfortable sharing this intimate experience with her. Tara was very organized and punctual through out the whole experience. I felt completely confident in her ability to take care of both me and my unborn baby during the pregnancy. I also felt completely confident in her knowledge of birth and the days following.  Tara was excellent in her role of supporting a mother in the very natural yet sometimes scary experience of a home birth. I absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a midwife for a home birth.


I first met Tara when I was interviewing midwives at 5 months pregnant, in preparation for a switch to a homebirth. I immediately felt at ease with her. The next few months of prenatal care showed me how amazingly superior her standard of care was than my previous provider.  Her gentle confidence and deep concern for her patients helped me through that first birth. I felt fully supported to have the birth that was right for me.  When my husband and I prepared to welcome our second and thrid child into this world, there was no one else weeven considered to stand by our side. Tara is a gem. Any mom would be lucky to have her care for her during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.